New look for the Mini electronic B - Mazzer

New look for the Mini electronic B

The Mini model was the first Mazzer on-demand product and is currently still the smallest model in the on-demand range.
Small, yet extremely robust and reliable, for the Mini electronic B it is now also time for slight restyling of the graphic interface.
The changes were minimal but greatly welcomed by the visitors to Host 2015.
An elegant bright display now shows counting of the doses dispensed as in the other on-demand versions and a simple programming interface enables quicker and easier setting of the doses.
The Mini electronic B is characterised by the speed of selection of the dose to be dispensed (single, double or non-continuous grinding as required by the bartender) operated by means of the portafilter cup held by the operator and by the selection pin located below the coffee conveyor. As such, only one hand is required for its operation. The display shows the type of dose selected (single, double, or continuous grinding).
The product data sheet is available in the dedicated area that contains the technical characteristics.
The new product will be standard indicatively with deliveries starting in January 2016.