New ZM Filter - Mazzer

New ZM Filter

At Host 2015 in Milan the new ZM Filter coffee grinder was presented, conceived from a restyling of a Mazzer appliance from the 1960s (called “ZM”) with a traditionally particular design, re-proposed in elegant flowing lines typical of Italian design.
It is a device that has been specifically designed for the preparation of filter coffee and particularly for the manual preparation of speciality coffees (V60, French Press, etc.) and in any case for coffees other than espresso, which requires a sophisticated geometry of the grinding tool to produce a particle size distribution that enhances the flavours of fine coffee for which it is intended.
It is characterised by a minimum height to facilitate approaching of the customer, is available with a smaller or larger hopper and a patented ergonomic system for portioning of the doses in addition to the normal system of engagement of the packs intended for the retail sector, allowing rapid and easy interchangeability.
The precise adjustment, the ease of cleaning and the attention paid to minimising the retention of coffee within the grinding area make the ZM Filter an appliance for fans and lovers of these preparations of coffee.
The product data sheet is available in the dedicated area that contains the technical characteristics.