Mazzer official sponsor of SCA UK Brewers Cup 2019-2021. Lewis Maillardet is the 2019 Champion

Mazzer will be the official sponsor of SCA UK Brewers Cup 2019-2021.
During the competition, some of the UK’s top baristas competed for the crown of the country’s Brewers Cup Champion. There were only six finalist places available and the winner of the finals held on March the 11th and 13th in London is Lewis Maillardet,  second Josh Wilson, third Dawid Stelmach.

The Competition highlights the craft of filter coffee brewing by hand, promoting manual coffee brewing and service excellence.
This year competitors used the Mazzer digital ZM grinder. Among its main features the electronic True Zero calibration and the innovative motor-operated Digital Burrs Adjustment System. Thanks to this system baristas can set the distance between the burrs in microns, so the grind setting is understandable, accurate and repeatable.

The winner of this year’s UK championship is Lewis Maillardet, he will go on to represent the UK at the World Brewers Cup competition.

Mulmar Foodservice Solutions partnered with Mazzer for the Digital ZM distribution in the UK and Ireland and provides technical support during all the tournament.


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