Temporary closure from March 23rd to May 3rd

“Duri i banchi!” is a Venetian expression I’m very fond of.

Commanders of the Serenissima (ancient Venice) shouted “Duri i banchi!” to their sailors to direct them to drop their oars and grab the benches they were sitting on. When the boat was under threat – either from an enemy ship or from the wind and waves – the only thing to do was to close your eyes and hold on tight.

Today, if a friend says to you, “Duri i banchi, vecio,” it means if you hold strong in the face of adversity, you’ll make it.

This Monday, Mazzer will close its doors. Since we first began making grinders in 1948, we have never stopped working. However, it is the right thing to do for the wellbeing of people who work with us.

We feel close to our suppliers, customers, and baristas during this difficult time.

We are not sure when we will reopen – it depends on what happens next. What we do know is that the day we reopen, we will start making coffee grinders again, as we’ve always done.

“Duri i banchi!”

Giovanni Mazzer