Mazzer ZM highlights

ZM is the coffee grinder designed for specialty coffee.
It features cutting-edge technology and completely new functionalities.

Grind adjustments can be made electronically within units of microns, so the grind setting is understandable, accurate, and repeatable.

Electronic True Zero calibration ensures that the ZM grind settings are identical from grinder to grinder, from café to café.

ZM has a very low coffee retention, less than 0.45 g.

With ZM baristas can record up to 20 grind settings, with customized names for each setting.

high tech grinder

ZM is very easy to clean thanks to the digital display that flips to the side to allow easy access to the grinding chamber for cleaning and burr replacement.

ZM’s keeps coffee grounds cooler to preserve flavor and taste compounds thanks to a double ventilation system with electronic control and low rpm (900 rpm at 50Hz, 1050 rpm at 60Hz).

The ZM features flat burrs specifically designed and tested to grind for both espresso with 151B (spare part) and filter coffee with 151F (factory fitted) or 151G (spare part)


ZM is a WCE qualified coffee grinder:
ZM digital grinder has passed the Qualified Testing protocol by World Coffee Events (WCE) in 2017.


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