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Since 1948, Mazzer has designed and produced coffee grinders in its factory near Venice, Italy.
Your Mazzer grinder has IoT features? Any trouble using your app? Find here some useful info



Before you can use the app, you must first complete the user registration process. To register, you will need to create an account by filling in all the required fields (*) and accepting both the ToS and privacy policy.
The login credentials – a valid email and password – can both be chosen by the user. The email cannot be changed whereas the password can be changed at any time, along with the other user information. A password recovery procedure is also available.

To add coffee grinders to your list, simply press the appropriate “add” button found on the top bar of the “My Grinders” page . This will take you to the machine registration/activation procedure. The registration phase involves the user declaring that he’s the owner of the coffee grinder in question at issue, and is registered on the system as a MASTER user, in order to add the relative coffee grinder to the list by means of its serial number. The activation phase connects the device to the coffee grinder for the first time, and the information required for the system to operate correctly is transferred between this mobile device and the appliance.
During the registration phase, the user will be asked to scan the barcode on of the appliance or packaging to identify the serial number. At this point, the app will prompt the user to continue with the activation procedure. This procedure can be carried out at a later stage by accessing the relative pending activation menu from the app menu.
To proceed with the coffee grinder activation procedure, follow the on-screen instructions to connect the device to the appliance via the Wi-Fi Direct connection mode (i.e. activate the Wi-Fi module, search for the coffee grinder on the network and connect).
PLEASE NOTE: No internet connection is possible (be it an external connection or data network) while the device is connected to the coffee grinder in Wi-Fi Direct mode.
Once the activation phase has been fully completed (i.e. the confirmation message is displayed on the screen and the procedure has finished), the user must disconnect the smartphone from the coffee grinder’s network and connect to a network that has internet access (might be the smartphone’s data network), to transfer the important coffee grinder information to the system (model and association to the MASTER user). If the activation process was successful, the coffee grinder icon will become green in the “My Grinders” list.

To transfer the connection credentials, the smartphone must be connected via Wi-Fi Direct to the coffee grinder at issue.
At this point, the user should access the coffee grinder’s settings page ( icon at the top right of the appliance page ) and use the relative “Configure network parameters” button at the bottom of the page. The network name and password can now be entered; press confirm to send the data. As soon as the credentials are received, the coffee grinder will automatically switch to the “network” connection mode.
PLEASE NOTE: Make sure you enter the correct credentials. Should you insert wrong credentials, the appliance will not connect and the corresponding icon will not turn green. As a result, the procedure will have to be repeated, by first changing the coffee grinder’s connection mode from the “settings” section of the appliance’s menu -> “connection” -> “Wi-Fi Direct”.

Two modes are available to view the device data: Wi-Fi Direct or WLAN.
In this first instance, the smartphone must be connected directly to the desired appliance – at a close range – by selecting it from the visible networks.
If, however, the coffee grinder has been connected to the same WLAN, you will be able to easily switch from one appliance to another within the app (once the smartphone is connected).

PLEASE NOTE: the smartphone must be connected to the internet for the list to be compiled with all the user’s coffee grinders.
In order to communicate with the machine in Wi-Fi direct mode, you must change your currently connected network to the one of the coffee grinder at issue (i.e. activate the Wi-Fi module, search for the coffee grinder on the network and connect). Once connected, access the app’s “My Grinders” section and wait for the connection icon of the desired coffee grinder to turn green . You will now be able to select the appliance and access the various areas to view the desired coffee grinder-related data.

If the appliance is connected to the same WLAN of the smartphone, the icon will always be green and each time the smartphone is connected to that network, you’ll be able to access the different areas.

The coffee grinder’s Wi-Fi network connection credentials may be incorrect. In this case, you will need to change the login credentials for the coffee grinder network.
If the credentials are correct, check the network settings; these must allow the smartphone to search for other devices within the same network. Check if this option is enabled.

Users can be added to each individual coffee grinder; this allows them to view the relative information in a more or less in-depth insight, according to the user profile assigned them by the MASTER of the coffee grinder.
PLEASE NOTE: Only users that have already downloaded the app and registered can be added.
To add users to the list of an appliance, enter the coffee grinder’s settings page (icon at the top right of the appliance page ) and click on the relative “User privilege management” button. Next, click on the “Add” button at the top of the . To add a user, the email of the user to be entered has to be the same of his registration. You can choose between 4 profiles:
MANAGER: This user can see and modify all data of the grinder. Cannot manage users privileges.
SERVICE: This user can only see data of the “Service” tab for the grinder and modify the grinder’s service password.
OPERATOR: This user can see all data from the grinder (grinder’s service password obscured). Can modify parameters only in tabs “Adjustments” and “Survey”.
INSTALLER: This user can only activate the grinder’s connectivity and update its firmware.
When a user has been assigned a profile, he receives an email notification saying a coffee grinder has been added to his appliance list and the selected coffee grinder will automatically appear in his appliance list.

Yes, this can be done. If you are not aware that a coffee grinder has already been registered by the legitimate owner (who identified himself as the appliance’s MASTER), a notification will appear during the appliance registration phase, informing you that the appliance was already registered by another user. At this point, you will then be able to request access via the “Request access to the Master user” button. The MASTER user will receive an email, asking him to assign a user profile to the requester for the coffee grinder at issue. You will then need to wait for the MASTER to complete the procedure.
A coffee grinder ownership transfer procedure can also be activated if the MASTER user registered as such but is actually not the legitimate owner of the coffee grinder. In this case, both users (the MASTER and the requester) will receive an email to start the procedure.