Engineering the future of coffee grinding Made in Venice since 1948

Every day, in the world, over a million Mazzer coffee grinders assist over a million baristas in preparing the best of coffees

The best equipment
for the coffee sector

Mazzer specializes only in coffee grinders and burrs. Across decades we’ve optimized our resources, refined our know-how and focused our capabilities on crafting the perfect grinding machine. Our mission is to produce the best equipment for the coffee sector, professional, functional and reliable, structuring a range that meets and anticipates the needs of the market, improving it through continuous product innovation that makes it at the forefront in terms of performance and quality, producing efficiently, respecting the environment, people and the community in which we operate.

100% made in Italy, 100% made in Venice

Mazzer does not only assemble, but also internally designs and produces all components connected to the grinding process in order to guarantee the highest level of quality and durability of grinders and burrs.
Mazzer has the production capacity of a highly-specialized team of technicians, as well as a workshop with the latest machinery and technologies, allowing to produce very complex components that are then transformed into simple tools for the barista. 12% of the annual turnover is reinvested in R&D.

More than 70 years of experience

Mazzer is a family company based in the countryside near Venice. Founded as a precision mechanic workshop between the two World Wars, the company wouldn’t be called “Mazzer” until 1948, when Luigi Mazzer began producing professional grade coffee grinders and burrs.

Born in 1912, Luigi stayed at the helm of the company until his son, Giovanni, took over in 1988. With a degree in electrical engineering, he was able to boost the export and expand research and development. Today we export over 80% of our volume and Mazzer grinders can be found in 100 countries across five continents.