The company - Mazzer

The company

Blending tradition with innovation

Our company was founded in the years between the two World Wars by Luigi Mazzer (born 1912). He first founded “La Veneta”, then, back in the 40s, the production of professional coffee-grinders and grinder-dosers started: this is how this precision-mechanic workshop became a highly specialized one. The company was then given the name “Mazzer” and quickly gained a major position in the worldwide coffee-grinders and grinder-dosers production.
Since then many things have changed, but our passion for mechanical engineering and for things done to the letter stays the same, and so does our constantly seek for perfection and for the impulse to a constant improvement. Our company is headed to the future but still in deep touch with our past, a past made of values and leadership in this sector.
We are aiming always higher: our engineers are constantly working on our products in order to reach higher quality standards.

Quality guaranteed

All of our grinders are produced in our Gardigiano di Scorzè plant. From here, all our certified products are then shipped and sold in over ninety different countries in the world.

Thanks to the  certification, we can proudly say that our products are synonyms for quality and reliability, two main features of our grinders that made them well known and appreciated all around the world. That’s why more and more coffee companies each year choose our coffee grinders and our grinder-dosers.

Our unique products

In order to guarantee the maximum quality of our products we pay attention to their every single detail. We produce grinder-dosers and coffee-grinders taking technology and innovation into great consideration. At each stage of production we pay a special care for our products, so that we can ensure their durability and their reliability. Durability and reliability have always been the most important features of all our products.