Boram Um, 2023 World Barista Champion, is Mazzer’s new brand ambassador

Venice, 19 January 2024


The Champion: “Thrilled to collaborate with Mazzer for its heritage and focus on quality”


Mazzer proudly announces its new partnership with Boram Um, the current World Barista Champion, who claimed the prestigious title at the World Coffee Championships in Athens last June. Mazzer and Boram share a common passion for quality, a commitment to excellence, and a dedication to their craft.

“I am truly excited to work with Mazzer for two main reasons. Firstly, Mazzer is one of the most historic and renowned brand of grinders in the world. Today, it is so rare to find companies with so much competence and heritage, highly specialized in one segment for so many years. This means Mazzer has very high quality products and a unique recipe for success. Secondly, what makes Mazzer special is that it’s one of the few companies that manufactures everything in-house— a philosophy that resonates deeply with my family coffee business in Brazil, where we also do everything in-house. We produce in our farms, roast, and serve in our cafes. We have a mutual understanding of challenges, values and a passion for exceptional quality. I feel honored to embark on this journey as a Mazzer Ambassador.” – Boram

The son of Korean immigrants who ventured into coffee farming in Brazil, Boram was born in Sao Paulo and is eager to spotlight Brazilian specialty coffees on the global stage. The perfect representative for Mazzer, family company based in Venice and leading Italian manufacturer of high-end coffee grinders used all over the world.