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Omega X Soft

High setting accuracy, 11-micron steps

Particularly suited for espresso, Omega X can be used for all coffee preparations. Designed to reduce the effort while grinding.

Stainless steel and anodized aluminum lid included.

From: 318,00 + taxes, standard shipping includedSelect options

Add to your Omega grinder the optional accessory kit including:

1 Case extra light case to store your Omega coffee grinder (not the accessories) and to transport it safely. Rainproof closure.

1 Brush in high resistance technopolymer. Ergonomic and scratch-resistant design for easy cleaning of the coffee grinder.

1 Three level volumetric measuring device to quickly dose the quantity of coffee to be ground.


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Express saver shipping: from 4 days to 5 working days
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Burrs: stainless steel 47 mm conical burrs

Standard Burrs: 198C (Fast), 199C (Soft)

Axle material: stainless steel

Lever material: carbon fiber

Knob and tank material: anodised aluminium

Magnets: neodymium

Grip: silicone

Adjustments: from ibrik to french press coffee. External micro-step adjustment ring

Index: True Zero calibration with numerical index of the grind settings

Weight: 750 g (26 oz)

Maximum capacity: 42 g (1.5 oz)

mm inches
A 187 7 1/4
B 65 2 1/2
C 78 3
D 172 6 3/4
H 247 9 3/4
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  • EXTERNAL MICROSTEP ADJUSTMENT RING – The micro-click system bestows a pleasant feeling of being in control and offers optimum precision and stability for each setting.
  • TRUE ZERO CALIBRATION – The point-0 burr contact provides the user with a simple, ergonomic and precise NUMERICAL INDEX of the grind settings, allowing you to “dial in” your coffee grind requirements.
  • PREMIUM MATERIALS – Made from high-tech machinery-processed steel and aluminum bars. It features carbon fibre components for strength and lightness, neodymium magnets for durability-tested performance, and stainless steel and anodised aluminum to optimise mechanical performance.
  • STAINLESS STEEL CONICAL BURRS – These Mazzer factory-produced burrs are designed to guarantee uniform grinding and excellent extraction results. The stainless steel grants over time the best parallelism and protect from oxidation in case of RDT.
  • FULL DISASSEMBLY WITH NO LOSS OF GRIND SETTINGS – for a complete and easy cleaning of the product.
  • COMPACT MODE – the coffee grinder’s size can be significantly reduced – when not in use. The Omega features a magnetized handle that folds in, making it a perfect compact tool no matter where you go.
  • TWO SET-UPS AVAILABLE – Soft-grind burrs for less effort during the grinding process and fast-grind to increase productivity.
  • ERGONOMIC OPENING with a quick-release knob to easily load the coffee beans.
  • LID – Stainless steel and anodized aluminum lid designed to prevent spillage of beans during grinding in whatever position the device is