How to disassemble and clean the Omega


Use a clean dry cloth or brush.
Do not use water or any other liquid, do not wash with chemical or abrasive substances. None of the components are dishwasher-safe.

Should you disassemble the unit to clean it inside follow the instructions provided in the instruction manual.
The coffee grinder contains small components that are easy to lose. Be vigilant whilst cleaning.

Omega soft is equipped with 199C conical burrs, this set of burrs is designed to reduce the effort while grinding.
Omega fast is equipped with 198C conical burrs, this set of burrs is designed for high-speed grinding.

Both sets of burrs guarantee excellent particle size distribution.

No, do not use the appliance to grind other types of food or anything else.
Never use ground coffee in the place of beans.

You can use the canister to transfer the ground coffee in 58mm portafilter cups, Aeropress, and to load the beans into your Omega.

Gently tap the bottom of the grinder on the counter before opening the canister.

The grinder can be disassembled to clean it inside. But be careful to follow the instruction manual. This operation can be done with no loss of the True Zero calibration. The procedure is safe and can be done without using tools.


Remove the canister and insert the grip from the bottom of the grinder by gently stretching it with your fingers.