Mazzer è partner di The Barista League

We are pleased to announce the partnership between Mazzer and The Barista League, a series of events “for baristas by baristas” which aim to make this field more accessible and inclusive.

Over the course of 2022, 10 events are planned: Hamburg, Toronto, Budapest, Copenhagen, Melbourne, Portland, Kansas City, Barcelona, Manchester and Mexico City.

During each event there will be competitions between baristas and opportunities for exchange, networking and fun to unite the coffee community even more, a unique opportunity especially after two difficult years.

The first event will be held on March 19 in Hamburg, during which Mazzer will sponsor the competitions with the Robur S, one of the most powerful and fastest conical grinders, which will be used by the participants for their preparations.

This will be followed on April 2 by the event in Toronto with the new Major VP.


The Barista League aims to to produce engaging content and events that are inclusive, accessible, sustainable for the environment, and tons of fun.
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